Kresley Cole’s Next Book’s Title Announced and it is Surprising!

So there has been a lot of speculation about who the next “Immortal After Dark’s” book will feature. There were bets made that Lanthe and Throno’s were up next, and I can’t decide between whose story I want to read more; the one couple who have consistently try to kill each other throughout the series, Lanthe and Thronos; or the Albino Vampire known as “The Enemy of Old”, Lothaire.

I really liked Sabine’s sister Lanthe in “Kiss of a Demon King”, and I hoped she would get her own story. Given the history these two have, I’m not sure how it could result in a HEA. I could be wrong but I recall him losing a limb over a fight between the two of them. That might not be an easy one to get over. I know some of the Immortals grow limbs back. I remember in book one Lachlain grew a limb back so maybe Thronos isn’t limping around cussing Lanthe out every time he takes a stumbling step. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

Then we have the Enemy of Old. The gorgeous hulking Albino with the long blond hair, who has ruthlessly been switching sides, building up favors amongst the heroes while he has screwed over the villains, or screwing over heroes while he did favors for villains. It was apparent in “Demon from the Dark” and even more so in “Dreams of a Dark Warrior” that he is doing what ever it takes including being tortured, to achieve a goal and it apparently involves trying to bring back the woman he loves, which when you think about it, is amazingly romantic.

The thing is, Lothaire isn’t called the enemy of old for nothing. He has a very serious agenda, just one none of us in the Kresley Cole fandom seem to be able to figure out, other then the fact it involves a girl.

I was really hoping Nix was his HEA as I couldn’t think of anyone else who could possibly keep up with her (I LOVE Nix). However hints at Cole’s website imply otherwise, it sounds more and more like Nix will be the last book of the series and that Lothaire’s love is going to be new, and youngish and…get this…really evil. Which by IAD standards could be 200 years old and really evil if Declan was any indictation. How Cole can redeem her is going to be interesting and what she did to deserve this level of devotion if she is really evil is beyond me.

Someone emailed me and gave me the tip that it could be the Hag from Sabine’s story in KOADK. All we know is the hints from the last couple of books which leads me to believe Lothaire is trying to find a way to win back a lost love. He didn’t steal that ring from La Dorada and put himself in mortal jeopardy for nothing. That ring and all his wheeling and dealing all add up to something, really really big.

So I received an email alert from Simon and Schuster yesterday that Kresley Cole’s next book is going to be named………wait for it……LOTHAIRE!

Which, while I look forward to Lanthe and Thronos, I am really happy it is Lothaire next as he is so mysterious and sneaky and backstabbing and focused on a goal. The question has been, what goal? I just really really hope this book is more like the others before Dreams of a Dark Warrior, which as you all know, I wasn’t really digging due to all the dark things that happened at the island facility.

So I am nervously optimistic, oh…I can’t wait 11 months.

PS. I think it is interesting that the title is just his name. It will be the first one in the series that is named for a character. I wonder if it will get changed later and this is a working title.

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